Do you have an interest in sprawling worlds of fiction, intricate characters, and the histories of places that never were?

We're the Worldbuilding & Storytelling society, home to all with an interest in creating or observing fictional worlds and the stories that fill them. We'd love to have you :]

We operate the society through our discord server and strongly encourage all members to join (you can find more uni-related discord servers via the student hub!)

We don't charge a required membership fee, though we do accept donations on our ko-fi. Anything is appreciated! These donations will help us to buy narrative TTRPGs to play together, as well as anything else that would benefit our membership!

You can read our constitution, meeting minutes, and any other important documnents in our github repository

STANDARD MEMBERSHIP: for UofG students only
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: for everyone else


There are no events planned at the moment, check back soon.



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