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this is an email from the gu worldbuilding & storytelling society (guws). you are getting this email because you signed up for membership on the src site during 2023-24

TL;DR (?)

hi folks!

this is cel from guws. what a hectic week! thank you for bearing with the extra emails. we're already ~3 times bigger than we were last year, so it's been tricky; things are going to be a lot easier now that we know what to expect.

it was great to see so many of you at the reading circle & writing session! going forwards, i think reading circles will work better if we split into different (themed?) tables for discussion to encourage fun conversation, rather than the intimidating and often conversation-inhibiting format of presenting to the room.

folks on monday asked if we could compile a list of the texts we spoke about; here's some of them! i'll work out a better way to do this in the future. if you want to add a book you spoke about to the list, the edit code is 408

what's on?

as the final week before we start sticking to our 4-week schedule properly, we'll be doing the monthly event & writing session. if you're ever needing to find a uni room, remember that you can use the uofg life app or the online map

boardgame night w/ gugs - monday 1800-2200 - qmu meeting room 1

after a busy few weeks, i wanted an event a bit more ordinary: boardgames ticked that box. as luck would have it, our friends in gugs were also running a boardgame night at roughly the same time we'd thought to, so we've joined up with them. they'll be bringing some of their boardgames (as will i), but if there's any you have at home which you particularly want to play, please do bring them along! anyone's welcome, from absolute beginners to hardcore eurogame fans.

the gugs crew have done the planning for this, so i want to issue a huge thank you; particularly to darius (president), simonas (non-rpg officer), & maggie (rpg officer, and our secretary!). i imagine many of you are already gugs members, but if you're not and have an interest in roleplaying games and/or boardgames, give them a look!

writing session - thursday 1500-1800 - main building 132 & 134

you know what to expect. more info in the link.

closing remarks

  • gugs are doing their second oneshot night on tuesday @ 1930 in the guu debates chamber. folks who weren't able to play last week are getting priority. i'll be hosting something for disabled/neurodivergent folks who struggle with energy and/or quick-thinking, and i currently have 3 or 4 spaces left

  • the mycology society are continuing with their mushroom forays every saturday at noon. they're a lot of fun, and it's been great to chat with the guws members who also have a love for shrooms ??

that's it from me. see you around!

- cel (they/them), guws pres


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