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23-24guwsnewsletteroct 23

this is an email from the gu worldbuilding & storytelling society (guws). you are getting this email because you signed up for membership on the src site during 2023-24

TL;DR (?)

  • we're downscaling a bit to avoid burnout and allow for more big-event planning

    • ^ i'm gonna put more energy into finding other events to shout out at the end of the newsletter

  • writing session - thursday 1500-1800 - main building 132 & 134

    • we're experimentally adjusting how the two rooms work. in brief: we'll have a quiet room (132) & a discussion room (134). we only have 134 from 1600-1800

  • WORLDBUILDING PROMPT: Every nation has its spotlights, a place tourists just have to visit. What is a popular tourist spot in your world?

    • ^ prompts will be a weekly occurrence to get the creative juices flowing; feel free to answer in #core or the #forum of our discord or simply by yourself

hi folks!

this is cel from guws. welcome to our first proper month of normal operation; to start things off, we are being abnormal & re-arranging some stuff! i am frankly incredibly proud of the sheer force we came into this year with — the collaborative worldbuilding was a huge success — but continuing with that energy will be exhausting and we are just a committee of four incredibly busy people.

as such, guws will be downscaling a bit. we're going to be sticking with the favourites: weekly writing sessions and monthly reading circles book clubs (that's an easier name...), but critique club and the monthly nature of big events are being left behind. however, we're going to do big events at the end of each semester instead. this'll allow us more planning to make them Special. if you'd like more regular fun events, go to gugs' fortnightly boardgame nights or check out the src events list! i'm going to spend some of the recouped energy trying to find fun things going on around campus and glasgow to include in the closing remarks; if you know something cool going on, send me an email!

what's the schedule?

we'd informally publicised a schedule for our events before downscaling, and we're mostly keeping it the same. every thursday 1500-1800 will be a writing session, and every four weeks on monday 1600-1800 will be our book club. the next book club will be on the 9th of october.

what's the deal with the discord?

on thursday, someone asked me about our discord server and i thought it would be a good idea to talk about it. for folks new to us, last year we used the discord server for everything. it's where we announced events, posted listings for them, got feedback, and discussed whatever. discord is a social media i love and hate very much, one i have used almost every day for the past 6.5 years, and by god is it difficult to understand if your brain isn't wired to like it. this is why i decided to switch to a newsletter; we all need an email (for better or worse), we don't all need social media.

nowadays, the discord is really just an additional social space for the society. feel no pressure to join, though if you'd like to then you can have a chat with other society members, offer suggestions easily (otherwise, just send us an email), and listen to my occasional inane babbling.

what's on?

writing session - thursday 1500-1800 - main building 132 & 134

we're trying something a bit experimental this week based on some observations from the past writing session; courtesy of our freshly-returned secretary, maggie! room 132 will be functioning ordinarily as a quiet room for getting work done, however room 134 will be a more social space for discussing ideas, worldbuilding, and whatever else. get a bit of writing done, have a chat, etc. we'll see how it goes and decide if it'll be a regular occurence going forwards.

??? we weren't able to get room 134 for the full 3 hours, so it will only be available from 1600-1800

i won't be able to make it to this one, but the rest of the committee can run things just fine :]

closing remarks

as i said a bit earlier, if you have suggestions for things to go in this section, send us an email! no guarantee that we'll feature everything (and we probably won't reply to these emails), but it's very much appreciated. there are so many societies all doing fun events, and i don't think ours needs to do everything, hence our downscaling

  • gugs campaigns are starting this week! if you're interested in joining an rpg campaign, check out the #game-announcements channel in their discord and attend on tuesday! their EGM will be held just before this, so if you're interested in joining their committee, participating in democracy, or just generally seeing how things work, that's where to go.

  • the neurodiversity society are running a Bring Your Own Boardgame social on monday 1800-2100 in qmu committee rooms 1 (quiet) & 2 (loud)! tag along if you want to have a nice time with some fellow neurodivergent folks :] they're a fairly new society and i've been helping with my vast Systems Knowledge where i can.

that's it from me. see you around!

- cel (they/them), guws pres


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