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Elected by the students to lead the Council, to represent your views to the University and make sure our student experience is the best possible.


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UofG Welcome 2024

Your official welcome to the University of Glasgow!

Fri 12 Jul 2024

How To Find Accommodation

Finding a flat can be tough. To help ease some of the stresses involved in flat hunting we have put together a few tips.

Wed 15 May 2024

Your SRC, Your Way

Your personalised hub for everything SRC. Your clubs, your events, your volunteering, your way.

Sat 02 Sep 2023

Explore Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to explore beyond Glasgow’s West End and make a positive impact in your local community.

Sun 04 Sep 2022
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Glasgow's Pride 2024
20th July 11am - 2pm
Festival Park, Glasgow
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