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23-24guwsnewsletteroct 23

this is an email from guws. not sure where to find a room? check out the room finder on the uni site or the uofg life app

TL;DR (?)

  • writing session - thursday 1500-1800 - main building 132 & 134

    • we have both rooms for the full time this week ?? 132 = quiet, 134 = discussion

  • WORLDBUILDING PROMPT: Write about an asteroid/comet/planet/star[s] that's important for your world. Does it have a special meaning?

hi folks!

this is cel from guws. welcome to another newsletter! this past book club, some folks were requesting it be fortnightly rather than monthly, and while that's a lovely idea, i fear i may be too exhausted & disabled for that. another truth is, as it would turn out, i don't think i'm very good at running book clubs in the slightest. i'm a creature of emails, primarily; a president who probably should just be a secretary, but i'll continue my dictatorship for now.

so! it would seem we are at a crossroads: having an outlet for discussing fiction and the strange tangents that stem from that is nice, but it can be difficult to keep momentum going, and book club's current form feels simultaneously too structured and too unstructured. a bit of a mess! it's an event that lives more in the idea of itself than the execution.

i'm going to get thinking on how we could remedy this and allow book club to reach its ascendant form. currently the ideas are coming up a bit short, so as always if you've got anything floating around your brain, then please do send us an email to or post about it in the discord's #meta-discussion channel. maybe it's time we expand the committee from our squad of 4 to cope with how much bigger we are this year! much to think about.

i'm also going to take the time to bring up our instagram where treasurer adonis is tirelessly posting the newsletter's announcements. if you prefer keeping up to date with things there, give it a follow! and thank them for their work :]

what's on?

writing session - thursday 1500-1800 - main building 132 & 134

more info in the link! 132 will be the quiet room and 134 will be the discussion room. rejoice at the fact we got both rooms for the full time ??

closing remarks

  • i've not prepared anything in particular to shill this week, but as always you can check what's on more generally here. i would be taking this time to share the signup link for gugs' Cyberpunk Red big game, organised by (among others) our beloved secretary maggie (and partially inspired by a book i gifted her, Jasper Fforde's Early Riser!) but it, uhhh, sold out in a handful of hours. . . so i guess you can hope someone drops out if you're interested ??

 that's it from me. see you around!

- cel (they/them), guws pres


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