GUWS oct '23, 4

23-24guwsnewsletteroct 23

this is an email from guws. not sure where to find a room? check out the room finder on the uni site or the uofg life app

TL;DR (?)

  • writing session - thursday 1500-1800 - main building 132 (quiet) & 134 (discussion)

  • WORLDBUILDING PROMPT: Does your world have a physical underworld (e.g. Hades) or some sort? Is it religious, figurative, or literal? What is its purpose and how is it accessed?

hi folks!

this is cel from guws; a little late this week, but no biggie. if you're an arts/humanities student: happy reading week :D if you're not: i'm so sorry.

what's on?

writing session - thursday 1500-1800 - main building 132 (quiet) & 134 (discussion)

more info in the link! 132 will be the quiet room and 134 will be the discussion room.

closing remarks

  • the glasgow uni food co-op does fortnightly veg orders where you get a bunch of veg for £5 cash! i've wanted to shout them out for a while but the schedule for when they open and close their order forms doesn't line up with our newsletter. however, i can still point you towards them for the order next week :D sign up for membership at the link above and check out their newsletter if you're interested.

  • gugs are doing a halloween boardgames night tonight :D go join them for some spooky boardgames

  • the mycology soc's mushroom forays happen every weekend and are a lot of fun! i got a hand-me-down mushroom book (roger phillips' Mushrooms) + knife last night which i'm very excited about >:]

that's it from me. see you around!

- cel (they/them), guws pres


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