Glasgow University Private Investment Club is a club that will concentrate on giving students to opportunity to both gather investment experiment and acquire financial flexibility while doing so.

Lack of financial investment experience and opportunities for university students has been at the core of students struggle between studies and financial flexibility over the years. The contemporary student’s inability to gather meaningful investment experience has acted as a setback not only when entering the labor market, but also as a setback in one’s ability to thrive in it. Furthermore, the lack of investment experience has also driven a chasm between theoretical models taught in class and desirable skills employers look for in young analysts. As a result, the Glasgow university private investment club seeks to offer students experience the investment world by giving them a platform where they can apply skills taught in class and close the experience gap. In parallel, students will also have the opportunity to increase their own income, thereby ameliorating the well-known financial struggles all students face. The investment-fund-like model adopted will also aid each member in a number of skills that shall be mentioned within this white paper. These skills include but are not limited to; communication, project organization, investment analysis, team-work and others which will become apparent during the course of the concept’s explanation. In essence, the club’s primary objective is to give students the ability to gather hands on investment experience, without having to sacrifice their studies to do so. Therefore, when they are ready to enter the labor market, they already have both the necessary experience and skills to thrive.


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