Our Society regularly hosts board game nights so if you have ever considered trying out some board games, why not pop by and see if you get along with our style! You do not have to know anything about board games as there are plenty of people ready to teach you board games, all you have to bring is your enthusiasm!

We have a good amount of games that you will be able to choose from but of course if you want to bring something from home, feel free too! Our range includes more strategic Euro games (like Viticulture), but also more relaxed party games (like Werewolf and Coup) and many games inbetween! Oh and you'll get to meet some new faces, and probably make a friend or two!

Keep up to date with our event by joining our Discord (https://discord.gg/dV2xZq2axd) or by following us on Facebook (Glasgow University Gaming Society) and Instagram (@gugamingsoc)!


All attendees must follow the GUSRC Events Code of Conduct: https://www.glasgowunisrc.org/policies/events-conduct/