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Autumn Elections 2022

Make a difference - run for a position in the SRC Autumn Elections 2022. Nominations now open!

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The Glasgow Uni SRC app is the number one place to go for finding and joining societies, the best student events, volunteering opportunities, deals, discounts and more!

App Ticket Refunds

How do I refund a ticket I've bought on the SRC App?

Wolfson Medical Library - Student Win!

We are delighted to report that following pressure from the SRC, 24 hour access to the Wolfson Medical Library will be reinstated from the start of term!

SRC Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to explore beyond Glasgow’s West End and make a positive impact in your local community.

Services & Information

Find a new job, meet people to share a flat with, browse available rooms or buy a book for your course. The SRC also provides the cheapest photocopying, printing, faxing and binding service you’ll find anywhere on or off campus.

What is the UofG Welcome?

Find out more about the UofG Welcome 2022.

About SRC

We are the Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council, but you can call us the SRC. Our job is to support the students of Glasgow University and ensure their time here is as enjoyable, safe and interesting as possible.

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Volunteer Stories

Volunteering through the SRC can be one of the best experiences you'll have at University, but don't just take our word for it, you can hear from the volunteers and community partners themselves.

Student Job Hub

The Student Job Hub aims to source a range of part-time jobs locally and on-campus for students to do alongside their studies.

Gender-based Violence Counsellor

Find out more about the SRC Advice Centre's new GBV Counsellor.