App Ticket Refunds

How do I refund a ticket I've bought on the SRC App?


So you've bought a ticket on the app, but now you can no longer attend or mistakenly purchased multiple tickets so want to refund your ticket. Here's how to do this:

1. Find the Order Number and Order Date

To find the order number and date for your ticket purchase, you can either:

  • Check your email ticket receipt. This will contain the order number and date.

  • Check the 'Purchase History' section on the app. This will show a full list of the purchase history.


2. Send both the Order Number and Order Date to our Accounts Team

Get in touch with to request a refund for your ticket. Make sure to include the order number, order date, and name of event. We will endeavour to process free event tickets within 1 working day of receiving your email. If it is a paid event ticket then this could take 3-5 working days.