A Ceilidh event for all students.

Event location: Glasgow University Union - Debate Chamber

Event Address: Glasgow University Union, 32 University Ave, Glasgow G12 8LX

Date and Time: 22nd February - Start time: 7pm

Ticket Price online: £8 per person - You can buy the tickets in person at the entrance as well for last minute purchase.

Who can attend: All students


What is a Ceilidh?

At university, it is not your 'stereotypical' traditional Scottish dancing. It's fun, engaging and gets better and better with each moment. It isn't slow dancing; it isn't all suited and booted. Instead, you get to laugh and meet new people and enjoy learning and experiencing Scottish dances.

It will be majority of people's first time doing a ceilidh and that is what makes the experience so fun as you learn together with those around you.

Overall, together we'll drink and dance, with each step of the ceilidh getting faster and better - It is an experience you do not want to miss.


Who can get a ticket?

Everyone is welcome - bring your friends, flatmates and course mates. Everyone can buy a ticket and join the ceilidh. Drinks are dirt cheap at GUU and its accessible to everyone. 


Do I need to know how to 'dance'?

You do not need to know how to dance - The traditional Scottish dances are taught but no one will be telling you off if you get it wrong, rather, we'd be cheering each other on as we dance together.


Dress code?

You decide what you're most comfortable in - We'd recommend to dress comfortably so you can participate. 


Anything planned after the ceilidh?

After the Ceilidh, we have tables booked at a pub from 10pm onwards. Everyone is welcome to have drinks, chat, relax and go out.  

Where does the money go?

Goes to support the societies - allowing us to provide giveways and support members with various events. Ensuring all don't have to pay full price.