The Hub for Innovation and Start-Up Culture at the University of Glasgow

The One Club (OC) is a groundbreaking new club from the University of Glasgow that will provide its members with exclusive, unique opportunities unlike any other club.

OC is centred around innovation and leading start-up culture at the University. The Club has given members the opportunity to work alongside Tech start-ups from the London School of Economics giving them the opportunity to network with individuals at the top of their field.

The Club found its name from the premise of going from 0 to 1 - creating new ideas rather than recycling ideas of the past. Our mission is for our members to be a positive, driving force into a better future.

OC will be hosting events ranging from fireside chats with Silicon Valley founders, social experiences, unique internship opportunities and networking for students to find their potential co-founder.



There are no events planned at the moment, check back soon.


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