Welcome! We are the University of Glasgow Manga and Anime Society, or GUMAF for short!

We are a friendly and welcoming society that aims to bring people together through their common interest in anime, manga and other related Japanese pop culture like VTubers and J-pop.

Don’t worry if you’re new to the space, we welcome everyone of any interest level and experience with anime and manga, so come along and find your next binge!

We frequently hold social events both in-person and on our Discord – anime screenings, movie screenings, chill gatherings in bars and university spaces and pub quizzes to name a few!

Join our Discord and other outlets here: https://gumaf.carrd.co


Meet the 2023/2024 GUMAF committee


Types of Membership:

Standard Membership: University of Glasgow students

Associate Membership: Non-UofG students

Straw Hat Membership: Paid membership 




GUMAF committee 23/24

Meet your GUMAF committee of 2023-2024!

We hope to continue the great times we had last year so please come along to any of our events or hang out in the discord!


PresidentJoe (He/him)


SecretarySusie (They/Them/She/Her)


Treasurer- Kuba (Jakub) (He/Him)



Media Manager- Jia (She/Her)



Screening Convenor- Hugo (He/Him)


Social Convenor- Ami (she/her)


Welfare Officer- Xin (she/her)


OCM - Abdullah (He/Him)