The Alexandrian Society is the Classics Department’s staff-student society founded in 1887. Come along for social and academic Classics-related fun!

Join us if you are someone with an interest in all things classical. Whether you’re a classics student or just love Percy Jackson, this is the society for you!

Who are we?

The Alexandrian Society was founded in 1887 and is one of the oldest societies at the University of Glasgow! We are a friendly, interesting and diverse bunch of people who all have an interest in Classics and the Classical world to some extent. No matter if you are a die-hard classicist or have just read Song of Achilles, the society is extremely welcoming and all of our members love meeting new people. This is a perfect place to make friends! Most weeks (unless held at the pub to begin with) some of us will head to the pub post-meeting to continue the merriment.



We hold weekly evening meetings every Thursday, 6pm at 65 Oakfield Avenue. These are a mixture of academic and more social events, ranging from academic debates, book clubs, and guest lectures to pub quizzes and games nights. Sometimes we'll be at the pub, sometimes in a lecture theatre, crazy or chill, there'll be something for everyone. 


We usually hold a play at the end of every semester, and we plan to hold more throughout the year this year. Past plays have included Christmas panto versions of the Odyssey and Jason and the Argonauts, and renditions of Aristophanes' The Frogs and the Adventures of Theseus. This is open to everyone no matter your theatrical ability. In fact, we encourage new thespians to our productions! These will involve learning lines and committing a bit more to auditions and rehearsals. We are also trying to incorporate more music into these productions, so if you are musically inclined, keep an eye out! Alternatively, you can grab a ticket and come along to the night and enjoy watching the final product and cheer on your pals. More info on these will be provided throughout the year.

Other events

Last year we also held events such as a Ball, Ceilidh, and Christmas dinner. These are ticketed and are not included in the society membership, however, members will often receive a discount. These are great fun and really special events where you can dress up and be all fancy (if you want). So member or no member consider coming along to these events and celebrating friendships new and old, and our love for Classics!


Membership prices for the year 2023-24 are £7 for a single semester and £10 for the whole year. There are standard memberships for matriculated Glasgow University students, and associate memberships for graduates or non-Glasgow University students. These will be available to purchase from this website (https://www.glasgowunisrc.org/organisation/alexandriansoc/). Alternatively, the membership can be bought by cash or card at our meetings, or via bank transfer:

Account Name: Glasgow University Alexandrian Society

Sort code: 80-22-60

Account Number: 24741368

The reference should be your first name, followed by your GUID (e.g. Tiberius1234567G)

Membership is required to continue to come along to the society after your first couple of weeks, allowing you to come along and see if you like it before committing.

Communication and News

We are active on our social media, so keep up with our Instagram for updates on meetings and goings on around the society. You can also sign up to our email mailing list for a weekly update on everything you need to know about the society and upcoming events. We will post what and where upcoming meetings are on our socials and newsletter.

Any of our friendly board members will also be happy to answer any in-person questions about the society you have. Alternatively, message our Instagram about any queries and we will get back to you ASAP!

We hope to see you drop by at one of our meetings soon!




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