UofG Survivor is the UK’s first “college Survivor” experience, based on the infamous reality-competition series ‘Survivor’ that debuted 21 years ago.

Since then, the show has aired 41 seasons, with the game evolving season by season. In recent years, several US colleges have formed their own ‘college Survivor’ clubs – some of which have been filmed and uploaded to YouTube – and we hope to transfer their success across the pond, to our very own campus.

Survivor requires players to outwit, outplay and outlast one another in an attempt to be the last player standing, and to ultimately walk away with the title of ‘Sole Survivor’. The game can be broken down into two main phases: the pre-merge and post-merge.

In the pre-merge, players are divided into 2-3 tribes and compete in immunity challenges. The losing tribe will then be given a few days to socialise and strategize amongst themselves, before attending Tribal Council where they will cast votes to eliminate someone from their own tribe. This process continues, with some twists thrown in along the way, until the tribes merge into one.

At this point, players compete for individual immunity, with all players attending Tribal Council together and once again, voting someone out. This process also continues until 2-3 players remain, where they will plead their case to the jury – made up of members typically voted out once the merge begins – who will then vote for who they believe to have played the best game, and whom they deem to be worthy of the title of Sole Survivor.

The game allows players to push themselves socially, strategically, and physically, all whilst making friends – and occasionally enemies – through a competitive and rewarding experience. Unlike the show, which tends to last 39 days, college Survivor is run semester-long. The production team will communicate with the competing players to identify the best days/times each week for challenges and Tribal Councils to occur, allowing for flexibility with scheduling as we’re all students.

UofG Survivor will not be like other societies in that we will not be able to allow all who are interested to compete. Each season will have a casting portion, whereby students can apply to compete on the upcoming season. This allows for production to ensure fairness, ideally forming a balanced cast whereby all competitors have an equal chance at success – how the rest of the game pans out is up to the players!

UofG Survivor’s first season will be launching in early 2022.


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