The Glasgow University Somali Student’s Association aims to provide an environment in which we can learn, teach, and appreciate Somali culture and traditions. Every year more and more ethnically Somali students join the university without a designated space where they can meet their own people. Through speaking to them we have found that all of them are yearning for this society to be started up.

The Somali community is a very close-knit society and hospitality within our culture is phenomenal and we hope to extend that to everyone on campus through this association. The joy a Somali person feels when they run into another Somali person on campus is exceptional. They immediately have something in common which will more than likely develop into a very good friendship. Every Somali person we come across at the university has been asking if such a society exists and when the answer was repeatedly a resounding “no” we decided to get this society up and running once and for all. We have plenty of members who have signed up already and are looking forward to the events we will be holding in the future.

We aim to welcome people from all backgrounds and ethnicities where we can come together to celebrate Somali tradition, hospitality and culture and we would be eternally grateful if the SRC would grant us this opportunity for current and future students and staff.

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