The Glasgow University Polish Society is a supportive community created for those who know and miss their Polish homes as well as those who want to learn about this vibrant and fascinating culture.

It’s a way of bringing people together over something we all love, the diverse cuisine, peculiar sense of humor and drinks that are not based on Glen’s.

The Polish Society was created so that while studying in Glasgow, no one gets homesick or feels like they are missing out on Polish traditions. By organizing some of the most important celebrations we bring a piece of Central Europe to Scotland. We are hoping to celebrate as many important dates as we can including Independence Day, St. Andrew’s Day, Christmas, Fat Thursday and all the events surrounding Easter.

This year being together can be difficult sometimes because of the ongoing pandemic but the society is hoping to organize some outdoor events when the weather and restrictions allow it. If at any other time, you feel like you need to speak because you need advice, help or just someone to talk to please message the page! As a society, we have quite a big experience with moving from Poland to Glasgow so we will be happy to help any freshers or older students find their place in the university.


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