As a group, we are dedicated to the development of sex education in the Glasgow area. We provide facilitated sessions to give young people the knowledge to make informed decisions about their own heal

We are one of the branches of Sexpression:UK, a near-peer independent charity with the goal of empowering young people to make decisions about relationships and sex.

Our society provides informal and comprehensive Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) to the community as we believe that young people should be able to access reliable information about
relationships, sex, gender and sexuality ! We aim for a society in which youth are free from STIs and unwanted pregnancy and where they are empowered to make individual and informed decisions regarding their bodies and health.

We cover topics like STIs and contraception, consent, healthy relationships, gender and sexuality, sex in the media or puberty and bodily changes.

Our near-peer teaching encourages young people to participate in discussions about sex and relationships and ensures that their individuals beliefs are respected.


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