Open Linguistic Mission - OLM

Open Linguistic Mission is a project that aims to encourage progress and success in the educational interest of kids and young people of certain academic institutions in Bogota, Colombia, through the learning of a new language (english) and multicultural exchange with the access to interactive activities with international studies (via online). We are completely aware that helping communities goes beyond economic aids; undoubtedly, there is no biggest support than boosting the desire of education and in this same order, supporting communities for achieving their academic goals.

Through interactive activities, we will acquire several measurements for motivating and strengthening the study of a new language among some kids and teenagers that are part of academic institutions that unfortunately their access to resources is quite limited. At the moment, we are working with only one institution called “Instituto Comercial Oasis”, which already received the first result of our effort, the collection of academic materials (language books, common scholar elements and electronic tools)

Furthermore, we will initiate special meetings among students and the staff, where activities regarding the learning of a new language will be developed. Students will have access to cultural knowledge, as they are going to interact with people from different countries, but in addition each grade will count with one “local guide” (team in Colombia, which is formed by 4 Undergraduate students of Universidad Javeriana). OLM will be part of the curriculum of the institutions; a matter that easily allows the contact between tutors and students.

This project goes beyond a fun day or even the donation. With this initiative, we intend to protect and improve intellectual performance of these children and youth. Likewise, we are aware that the circumstances right now do impose some obstacles for the development of this activity. Nonetheless, we can assure than by working shoulder-to-shoulder with a clear structure, amazing results will be achieved. We truly believe that education is the best possible tool for the construction of a better society.


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