The Medical Women’s Federation is the UK’s largest body of female doctors in the UK, and we have been given the opportunity to create a Glasgow University based group.

The organisation is dedicated to supporting the professional development of women in medicine and encouraging full equality in attitudes and opportunities.

As a university society, we are looking to aid Glasgow University medical students as well as qualified doctors through research support workshops, information evenings and contact opportunities with other doctors with regards to professional guidance and support. We are hoping to involve a wide range of doctors at various stages in their careers in order to create a multi-faceted support network where experiences can be shared and advice given.

We also hope to run sessions regarding relevant issues that affect all healthcare workers regardless of gender. For example, we hope to collaborate with Rape Crisis as an opportunity to raise awareness and teach vital skills in support and communication, ultimately creating a network of greater understanding and help for those affected.

Ultimately, we aspire to create a network that is inclusive, encouraging and educational.


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