Welcome to the UofG K-Pop Society! Whether you’ve been a fan of K-Pop for years or are only just finding out about it, you’ve found the society for you!

Join us for weekly dance classes and events, kdrama watch parties, reviews of recent comebacks, cultural quiz and game nights, bubble tea events, cooking classes, and lots more !

Most of our events are open to everyone (member or not), but there are lots of perks to purchasing our membership including:

  • discounted/free entry to our events
  • benefits from our sponsors
  • access to member-only events (such as participating in Showcase)

£7 for UofG Students

£8 for non-UofG Students

Still not sure...check out this promo video to see the kinds of activities we've held in the past!

Make sure to check out our Facebook page for info on all our upcoming events, follow our Instagram (@uofg.kpopsoc) and, keep an eye on our Linktree so you don’t miss any announcements!



There are no events planned at the moment, check back soon.


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