Historical Multiculturalism Organisation is not only a history society that focuses on the world history, but it is also a medium of multi-disciplinary communication.

History includes various elements, such as archaeology, anthropology, biology, economy, politics, and even math. From this angle, no matter what your major is, you can join this club, and you will never feel strange when applying some academic knowledge into topics. And topics will be shown from pre-history to present chronologically. This will provide students with a broader historical thinking concepts.

Multiculturalism means that our members come from other countries with different cultural backgrounds. We should learn to tolerate and understand the charm of different cultures each other without any prejudices. This will be a valuable resource in this club. In addition, discussions and debates will be our main activities to learn about history and make more connections among historical events. In this process, we will invite some Professors to interact with our students. At the same time, we will take Kahoot quizzes to activate members’ competitive power.

Here, history is not only about a series of past events, but it also inspires us to remember what happened to us and explore new things among us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in Historical Multiculturalism Organisation!


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