The Harm Reduction Society aims to promote harm reduction practices and policies among students at the University of Glasgow.

First and foremost, harm reduction deals with ending the stigmatization and victimization which is so commonly associated with drug usage. This treatment of the problem has a long standing history of failure and given its ineffectiveness, cannot be allowed to continue. This is why the harm reduction society encourages students to treat drug usage as a health problem, rather than a problem of criminality. We want to encourage students to educate their peers on correct drug information, and to spread proper harm reduction techniques.

We will be hosting bi-monthly discussion groups where all students are welcome to take part in, and discuss their experiences and challenges associated with drug usage. Furthermore, we aim to undertake organized visits to addiction clinics in Glasgow, where volunteers from the society will get involved with harm reduction practices in a more practical way.

You can find our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/352620548675917/, please join as this is our main form of communication currently.

Small disclaimer: The Harm Reduction Society does not encourage drug usage under any circumstances. In fact it is extremely important to harm reduction principles to ensure that drug usage is not glorified or sensationalized.


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