Welcome to the University of Glasgow, End Gender Based Violence student led society. 

A little bit about us! We are a group of healthcare students who want to acknowledge the universal problem of gender based violence with focus on providing a united front for women, non-binary and trans folks. 

However, anyone is welcome to join and, it goes without saying, help and support is available to everyone. 

The aim of our society is as follows. 
* Provide domestic abuse training from healthcare professionals, including the ability to recognise and support patients who have experienced abuse of this nature
* Provide resources and the delivery of educational sessions through collaboration with other local Glasgow organisations that support survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse
* Ensure that teaching on gender-based violence and domestic abuse is a robust part of the MBChB curriculum
* Ensure that appropriate reporting measures for such events are in place by Glasgow medical school, and are constantly being reviewed and updated  

This is a society for all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres around the experiences of women. The society acknowledges that violence is unfortunately a universally encountered problem for all people, however gender based violence, and specifically violence against women is now recognized as a global human rights crisis; with significantly more sexual, physical, and emotional violence being perpetrated by men against women, non-binary, and trans people. The group is therefore aimed at providing a united front for all women and female-identifying persons, but anyone is welcome to join. It goes without saying that help is available for everyone.


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