SCM is a national, student led organisation. We seek to be both a radical voice for equality and justice, and a safe home for progressive Christian students.

Our vision is of SCM as a generous community, expressing a lived faith in Jesus Christ where social action meets prayerful devotion. We are passionate about all peace and justice issues, including the climate crisis, LGBT+ rights, racial justice, poverty, and deepening faith. 

Here in Glasgow, we are also working in partnership with the Iona Community. During term time we meet for Iona Community style worship every Thursday lunchtime in the University Chapel. 

Our work is based on four aims that express the values of our progressive faith: 

  • Creating community 
  • Deepening faith 
  • Seeking justice 
  • Celebrating diversity

As a whole, SCM aims to:

  • Create, support, and sustain inclusive communities where students can find a place to be and belong.
  • Offer resources and the space to grow at university and beyond as thoughtful disciples. 
  • Challenge injustice and exclusion, locally and globally, inspiring students to express Christian faith through social action and to develop as passionate activists.
  • Explore progressive faith with each other, world and neighbour, creating socially engaged and scripturally rooted radical theologians. 

You can find out more about the Student Christian Movement here https://www.movement.org.uk/, and about the Iona Community here https://iona.org.uk/.



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