Our aim is to encourage creative endeavours at the University of Glasgow.

Our aim is to encourage creative endeavours at the University of Glasgow, increase the amount of societies that focus on media production and importantly give the opportunity to students who were never encouraged to be creative. Our activities are more casual and flexible than the other film society; we want to encourage students who felt intimidated to join other societies to join, especially those with no prior experience. Our society is aimed to be a fun environment for those who may want to pursue in career in media or just explore new hobbies. The content we aim to produce is not necessarily commercial where we encourage more experimental forms of media. We aim to be as artistic as possible to allow students to explore as much as they want. Often students, especially from less privileged backgrounds aren’t given many opportunities to try creative and artistic endeavours. While students are at University and able to try new things, we aim to create an environment where people can experiment with their creative side. For the students who do not feel as creative, we also aim to focus on the production aspect. The founders of the society both have had a lot of real work experience in advertising and music video production from summer jobs in that industry since they were 14. They know it’s not easy to get experience in this industry without the proper opportunities, as typically young people entering the industry have connections or were heavily encouraged to pursue a creative career if they chose; so they want to give the opportunity to as many students as possible. A place for people who would love media production but just don’t know it yet.



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