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this is an email from the gu worldbuilding & storytelling society (guws). you are getting this email because you signed up for membership on the src site during 2023-24

TL;DR (?)

hi folks!

this is cel (pres) from guws. i am absolutely elated about how well our collaborative worldbuilding event went! there's a lot i've learnt from running it, and i'll be thinking about variations on the design in order to be less overwhelming and potentially easier to make strong individual bonds. to the folks who couldn't make it: we will definitely run this again!

what's on?

for the past year, jms 408 has been a favourite for writing sessions, containing a few tables and 17 chairs dotted around them. this has been more than enough for us.

with the incredible response we've seen so far, that is not going to cut it. thus, this section is not going to be quite as definitive as i'd have liked, as i'll be spending monday morning desperately trying to get something bigger. we do have backups, but i can't say i'm thrilled.

reading circle - monday, 16:00-18:00 - jms 408

our backup is james black 222. if you attended our presentation night last year, you will understand why i am not particularly happy about this. the room has a capacity of 34 rather than 17, but it is an absolute nightmare to find, and the shape of the room isn't especially conducive to reading circle.

i have just managed to snag hetherington 130 which is slightly better, but can only handle 20. it's a little difficult to find, especially with the work on hillhead street at the moment, but leagues above james black 222.

it's times like these when i really wish the src site had an rsvp function (i'll see if we can get that). i'd like to not need to do this, but if you're coming to our reading circle, please say so here! if not, ignore this link.

i'll send another email tomorrow a long while before the reading circle to confirm our room based on the responses. i'm really sorry for the uncertainty and the additional emails in your inbox; i promise to only send one per week once we have more concrete knowledge on what to expect.

writing session - thursday, 16:00-18:00 - jms 408

similar room-booking situation, but i have longer to fix this one. if you're coming to our writing session, please say so here! if not, ignore this link.

"those times don't work for me, will i never be able to attend?"

our pre-18:00 times were selected based on a poll in our discord a few weeks ago, based on the fact that through the two uni room-booking systems, you can either get before or after 18:00 (i complained about this a little while ago). we had planned to re-evaluate this a few weeks into the semester to see if that preference was still dominant.

in the past week, it has at long last become possible to book rooms that straddle this boundary. i'm not sure whether this was based on my complaints, but i'm very glad it's possible. as such, here's an early poll to determine your preferences. we'll stick to monday & thursday as our days in the week.

closing remarks

  • gugs are doing their rpg oneshot night on tuesday if that's your thing! i'm planning on running an indie weird game (maybe Orbital or The Ground Itself. possibly Beak, Feather, & Bone), but we'll see if my energy supplies allow for that

  • i had a great time at the mycology society's mushroom foray on saturday and even met a few of you there! they'll be heading further afield next saturday on the hunt for shrooms and i will absolutely be joining them

great, that's it for now. you'll hear back from me tomorrow... and then on thursday... much for our weekly newsletter; but by the week's end we'll know much more about what to expect for events going forward. right now, we're in the dark.

see you around!

cel (they/them), guws pres

p.s., i look forward to seeing whether "yes" or "also yes" wins in those polls, though i suspect i already know. i could have just provided one option but this is more fun


Sam Prentice
11:09pm on 17 Sep 23 i'll come to the reading session, but only for an hour. i have a german class at 5pm
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