Solidarity with Ukraine

A statement from our Executive on the conflict in Ukraine, including links to support.


The SRC executive are deeply shocked and troubled by Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and as such wish to express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine at this time.   

As a Student Council which believes in the importance of democracy, respect and peaceful diplomacy, we feel that it is critical for us to use our voices to condemn this military attack. GUSRC and the University of Glasgow celebrate and encourage diversity, equity, inclusion, and peace. As such, we encourage our students to engage with what’s going on and demonstrate solidarity with those affected. We also recognise that the current situation is highly distressing, and we encourage anyone affected?to reach out for support via the links below. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already resulted in loss of life, and as the crisis continues more people will be at risk of violence, displacement, and oppression. We stand with all victims and those affected by this and all acts of war. Moreover, we will not tolerate any harassment, bullying or violence towards students connected to the countries involved in this crisis. 

As the situation is developing rapidly, we encourage you all to be wary of unverified stories that may circulate on social media; for the most up to date information?visit the BBC’s live reporting of the situation or another reliable news source.  

We are a diverse campus community made up of students from around the world, including students and staff members from Ukraine, Russia, and across Eastern Europe , many of whom will be experiencing this crisis and trauma through a range of contexts, including having deep concerns for family and friends. Please be mindful and supportive of your peers and classmates during this unsettling time.  

We are also conscious that there may be some students who are being affected by other ongoing global conflicts, and whilst we in no way wish to detract from the severity of the situation in Ukraine, we also wish to extend our support to students impacted by any acts of war or violence in other parts of the world. 

We want to use this opportunity to highlight some of the support available, including: 

We understand that some students may find it difficult to stay focused on their studies during this time, and so we encourage you to reach out to the relevant team for advice and support. If you require academic support, remember to reach out to your Advisor of Study or Student Support Officer for guidance, or get in touch with our Advice Centre. Moving forward, we will continue to actively discuss support for our students with the University during this crisis, and we will share opportunities for you to engage and support those affected via our social media channels 

SRC Executive 21/22