New Year, New Support!


Happy new year!

New year, new support: in this blog we'll cover Clubs Lending Library, Big Ideas Grant Fund and VCS Awards 2024.


SRC Clubs Lending Library

The SRC Clubs Lending Library has a range of items that clubs and societies can borrow. It has useful technical equipment such as laptops and cameras as well as more practical items like folding chairs and trestle tables! All you have to do to access the library is register with your student email and let us know which club or society you are part of. From there, you can browse our inventory and book the items you’d like a week in advance of when you need them! Click here to get started.



Big Ideas Grant Fund

This year, the SRC has received additional funding to pilot our Big Ideas Grant Fund, perfect for clubs looking to claim £500 or more! The fund will support clubs and societies cover the costs associated with larger-scale events; this includes conferences, health & wellbeing campaigns, interfaith events, competitions and theatre performances. The Big Ideas Grant Fund is there to help your club thrive, so get in touch today and receive some extra support ahead of your event! Click here to learn more.


VCS Awards 2024

Nominations for the Volunteering, Clubs and Societies (VCS) Awards 2024 are now open! The VCS Awards recognise and celebrate the students who take part in volunteering and are actively involved in clubs and societies. It is a great opportunity to recognise all the efforts that students put in bettering student life and the community. If you’ve been involved in volunteering or in clubs & societies, make sure to nominate yourself! More information here.

You can have a look at our past VCS Awards highlights here.


We hope you had a great first week back and we look forward to working with you in semester 2.