Advice on £400 Energy Grant

The UK Government have recently announced a £400 energy grant for all UK households to help with energy bills this winter.


The UK Government have recently announced a £400 energy grant for all UK households to help with energy bills this winter. Households will see a discount of £66 applied to their energy bills in October and November, rising to £67 each month from December through to March 2023.  

The non-repayable discount will be provided on a monthly basis regardless of whether you pay monthly, quarterly or have a pre-payment card. Most people will get the grant automatically from their supplier in six instalments between October and March and we’ve included details below of how this will work depending on how you currently pay for your gas & electricity. 

If you pay by monthly direct debit  

You'll get the grant automatically, as a deduction on your monthly payment, or as a refund into your bank account shortly after your direct debit payment is taken each month. It's not clear yet which approach each supplier will take. If you’d like clarification on this you should contact your supplier directly.  

Standard credit customers – If you pay by cash, card or cheque after receiving a bill monthly or quarterly.  

You'll get the payment automatically – in the first week of each month between October 2022 and March 2023. It'll be added as credit to your account, so you should see this added to your bills over this period. 

Smart prepayment customers  

You'll get the grant automatically as credit applied directly to your meter in the first week of each month. 

Traditional prepayment customers  

For these customers, the grant ISN'T automatic – you have to redeem it to get it. You'll need to ensure your supplier has up-to-date contact details for you as your money will be sent as six separate vouchers via text, email or post – which you'll need to redeem by topping up as normal in a shop or post office. If you’d like clarification on how your supplier will administer this you should contact them directly. 

I live in a private flat/private halls or student halls and my utility bills are included in the monthly rent I pay to my landlord, will I still receive the £400 grant? 

Unfortunately, there is no requirement for the landlord to pass this £400 reduction on to you. 

We have some further advice on how to ensure you are paying the right amount for your gas & electricity, saving money and avoiding future problems on our website

If you have any more questions on anything covered above, please get in touch with our SRC Advice Centre at or on 0141 330 5360.