Queerfest 2024!! — A full day of LGBTQ+ Student Events to Celebrate LGBT History Month


At Queerfest we run a range of events on Saturday the 24th to have fun together and raise money for our chosen charity of this year — LEAP Sports! We run this event every year, and I'm so happy to be announcing the Queerfest 2024!


For Queerfest we are running four separate events across the 24th of February!!


Event 1 — Queer Gaming Social w/ Nintendo Society — 1-3pm in the QMU Games Bar

Join us and the Nintendo Society whether you want to chill and play board games or join others in playing the game of all games - Wii Sports!!!


Event 2 — Aromantic Awareness Panel — 4-6pm in the QMU Bistro

To acknowledge aromantic awareness week (beginning February 19th), join us for an engaging and insightful conversation about aromantic identities with a panel of aromantic individuals, chaired by our events officer, Alex/Ember (they/xe). Alex will also be sharing a short presentation as an introduction to aromantic concepts. This is a great opportunity to learn more about aromanticism and have in-depth discussions with our panel members!


Event 3 — LGBTQ+ Dinner hangout — 6-7pm in the QMU Bistro

Before we end the night by singing our hearts out at Karaoke, kick back at our chill dinner hangout. Bring along your dinner or just snacks and relax with your fellow queer students while we talk about anything and everything.


Event 4 — Karaoke!!! — 8pm-10pm in the QMU Games Bar

What better way to celebrate the near end of LGBT History month than letting loose and singing your heart out (or simply cheering on those who do)!!! 


All attendees must follow the GUSRC Events Code of Conduct: https://www.glasgowunisrc.org/policies/events-conduct/