'Think like a Monk' provides a unique opportunity to students at Glasgow Uni to gain access to ancient teachings and techniques from around the world in order to live the lives they truly desire by presenting ancient wisdom that is simultaneously relevant, accessible and practical . Over the course of nine weeks, we will progress through three levels of development (Let Go, Grow and Give) and begin to live more authentically as we realize how much ancient wisdom has to offer our everyday lives. We will focus on topics such as Find your purpose as well as How to use your fear, and each session will end with a meditation as we put what we have learned into practice.

We ran a pilot course last semester and not only did students receive great wisdom, but they also grew and developed as a community and made lasting friendships, which makes us more excited for running the course this year.

We are very fortunate as a some monks from the local Krishna Eco Farm will be joining us for this highly anticipated course. They are very passionate about helping students and young people fully live up to their potential as well as loving to share the benefits that meditation has to offer our daily lives. They are looking forward to building a relationship with you and sharing some wisdom that breathes.

The couse is structured in such a way that it is not necessary to attend each class but students can drop into any class they are able to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you,

The Bhakti Yoga Society.