Urbanism Society's Urban Bites series sees a range of speakers giving short talks on interesting topics relating to Urbanism, along with Q&A.

  • The fourth Urban Bites of the 22/23 year is Doughnut Bites - with a slightly different format to usual, we'll be doing a deep dive into doughnut economics and what it means for our cities. 
  • Speakers will include Professor Jaime Toney, who leads GALLANT - the research project using Glasgow as a living lab to trial new sustainable solutions throughout the city and Dr Annika Hjelmskog, who has lead work on the City Portrait for Glasgow (applying Doughnut Economics at the city level). We also hope to be joined by a member of the team from Prior + Partners, who worked on implementing Doughnut Economics at a regional level in Bhutan.
  • Talks will be followed by a panel Q&A.
  • Everyone is welcome to come along (no ticket required), but if you're interested in our events we'd love it if you'd join the society for free here: Urbanism Society (glasgowunisrc.org)
  • This event is taking place at 18:00 on the 15th May, in JMS 639.