Refuweegee is a community-led charity that gives people a way to welcome and embrace those newest to arrive. They strive to ensure that people who have been forced to flee their homes arrive in Scotland to a warm welcome and some of the things that will help them to feel more at home here. 

Every welcome pack that Refuweegee passes on contains a 'Letter fae a Local'. These are the heart and soul of the packs and where the team lose hours of their days reading wonderful welcoming words! From postcards to post-it-notes, letters to pictures, as long as they are welcoming and kind then they would love to receive them and pass them on.

We'll be on the ground floor of the JMS on Tuesday 14th February, 12pm - 3pm, for Student Volunteering Week. Please swing by and leave a welcoming letter or drawing for Refuweegee to include in their welcome packs!