Our Emotional Resilience Skills Programme is a peer-led interactive workshop, which aims to build emotional resilience in participants as a defence against common mental health issues such as clinical depression. Our level of emotional resilience determines how we react to negative issues in our life such as stress, trauma, disappointments, failures, and bullying. Highly resilient people are more likely to respond to negative events in their life in a healthy and sustainable manner. 

The training explains how resilience works, and what practical skills you can use in everyday life to maintain or build your resilience to protect your mental health and the mental health of those around you. 

Structure of the workshop: 

- Section 1: Emotional resilience as a defence against depression 

- Section 2: Pessimism and its direct link to depression 

- Section 3: Life skills of resilient people 

The workshop is two-hours long and delivered online over Zoom.



If you have any questions or issues accessing this event please email workshops@src.gla.ac.uk  

All attendees must abide by the rules set out in the GUSRC Events Code of Conduct: https://www.glasgowunisrc.org/policies/events-conduct/