Mind Your Mate is a peer-led interactive workshop, covering basic mental health awareness and suicide prevention skills.

The training focuses on the people around someone at risk, and we train them to follow the Look, Listen and Link model to protect everyone involved.

Structure of the workshop:

  • Section 1: Resilience and Depression
  • Section 2: Depression and Suicide Risk
  • Section 3: Safely helping someone – look, listen and link model

The programme forms part of GUSRC’s aim to build a community of Mental Health Champions, reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, and break down the barriers that prevent students from accessing the help and support they need.

The workshop is two-hours long and delivered online over Zoom.



If you have any questions or issues accessing this event please email workshops@src.gla.ac.uk

All attendees must abide by the rules set out in the GUSRC Events Code of Conduct: https://www.glasgowunisrc.org/policies/events-conduct/