We've teamed up with Repair Cafe Glasgow, to bring our very own Repair Cafe to Glasgow University! 

Sometimes a very simple repair is all that is needed to fix a broken or damaged item.  This saves the unnecessary cost of a replacement. When we send less waste to landfilll, environmental costs are also reduced and the whole community benefits!

So come along and grab a coffee, tea, and tasty treats while your item is being assessed and hopefully repaired. This is a free event, open to students and members of the local community - no appointments needed.

Repair Cafe Glasgow can fix everything from clothes to electricals, and most things in-between. Here are some examples of items they work on regularly: 


Their amazing textiles team can help you mend most issues with your favourite clothes. They've patched tears, fixed broken zips, replaced missing buttons, re-hemmed trousers, and event made minor alterations or adaptations to clothes.

Small appliances 

They've fixed toasters that won't stay down, food mixers that won't turn, coffee machines, lamps, radios, vacuum cleaners, irons, etc. If it's got a plug, they can take a look! 


They can make simple repairs like reattaching broken clasps. They have glues and some basic jewellery soldering tools available.


They can diagnose simple faults with electronics and can help find the right replacement part. They've got the tools to open up your item and check for loose wires and bad connections.


Whether your kid's toy needs a teddy bear surgeon to reattach a missing limb, or a remote control car mechanic, Repair Cafe Glasgow can help.