The School Rep for Education position is currently held by Freya Brown.

Job Description 

School Representatives represent the students who make up the eighteen Schools at Glasgow University. 

The role is primarily academic, with representatives taking an active role in representing the views of the students at a more localized level than the College Convenors. School Representatives will be expected to liaise regularly with Class Representatives to discuss issues of importance to Staff Student Liaison Committee meetings and will report directly to the relevant College Convenor to ensure good communication at all levels. 

They are responsible for representing the views and concerns of students within their School and should therefore have a good working relationship with relevant Class Representatives. Only matriculated students studying within a particular School may represent their School on Council. 

In addition to these responsibilities, School Representatives are required to attend all full meetings of Council, though they may attend Council Committee if they wish. They may also be required to represent the SRC on relevant academic committees. Opportunities may also arise for election to various University committees and positions. 

The position of School Representative is a vital link in effective student representation at a local level, and a good working relationship with College Convenors and Class Representatives is essential. 

SRC Committees and Working Groups 

The SRC may establish sub committees or working parties to consider certain areas of its work and sometimes consider policy motions. College Convenors may participate in the work of such committees and groups (and can suggest the establishment of new groups or committees). 

University Committees 

Council votes in autumn to elect members to sit on a variety of University committees, including Library Committee, Museums and Galleries Committee, Senate, Senate Disciplinary and Student Support Development Committee. Please contact the PA to the Permanent Secretary for a full list of committees.