We have 2 First Year Representative positions. One of these positions is held by Chantelle Atsegoh.

Job Description

First Year Student Representatives attend each meeting of SRC Council. The position is open to anybody in their first year at Glasgow University, rather than being limited to students studying a level one course. The role of First Year Student Representative requires liaising primarily with the Vice-President (Student Activities), but their experiences and expertise can vary greatly. The First Year Student Representative may be required to meet with students from any and all disciplines. They should also liaise with Student Officers, Academic Convenors and Sabbatical Officers as required and should be able to judge when a student issue should be referred.

SRC Committees and Working Groups

The SRC may establish sub committees or working parties to consider certain areas of its work and sometimes consider policy motions. First Year Representatives may participate in the work of such committees and groups (and can suggest the establishment of new groups or committees).

University Committees

Council votes in autumn to elect members to sit on a variety of University committees, including Library Committee, Religion and Belief Equality Group, Council of Senate, Senate Disciplinary and Student Support Development Committee. Please contact the PA to the Permanent Secretary for a full list of committees.