The PG Research (MVLS & Engineering) Rep position is currently vacant

Job Description 

The Postgraduate Research Convenor has a wide remit, and is responsible for the representation of Postgraduate Research students across all Colleges. The PGR Convenor is, therefore, a central focus for all PGR related issues, from academic to social welfare. The PGR Convenor is required to liaise regularly with the President, VP Education, College Convenors, Postgraduate Convenors and Welfare Officers, on varied issues concerning PGR students. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

- Organizing PGR Forums and working groups to ensure the encouragement of dialogue between students and elected representatives; 

- Meeting with School and College staff to raise issues of importance to PGR students; 

- Contacting PGR students and establishing a recognisable link between constituents and Council; 

- Meeting with students, when required, to assist in dealing with academic and social issues as they are raised. 

In addition to these responsibilities, The PGR Convenor should develop a good working relationship with the Council Executive. The PGR Convenor is required to attend all meetings of Council and the University Senate, and must represent the student body on various academic committees as required. Opportunities will also arise for election to various University committees and positions. PGR Convenor is a demanding role, but is a vital link between the Postgraduate community and Council. 


SRC Committees and Working Groups 

The SRC may establish sub committees or working parties to consider certain areas of its work and sometimes consider policy motions. PGR Convenors may participate in the work of such committees and groups (and can suggest the establishment of new groups or committees). 


University Committees 

Council votes in autumn to elect members to sit on a variety of University committees, including Library Committee, Museums and Galleries Committee, Senate, Senate Disciplinary and Student Support Development Committee. Please contact the PA to the Permanent Secretary for a full list of committees.