We have 2 Widening Participation Officer positions. One of these positions is currently held by Hannah Watters.

Job Descriptions

There are 12 Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers elected to Council. It is the responsibility of Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers to represent the concerns of all students that sometimes fall outwith academic representation.

Each Officer handles a particular portfolio, and all registered students of the University are eligible to vote and stand for these positions. The Welfare and Equal Opportunities positions are listed below, with a brief description of their portfolio:


Widening Participation Officer

The two Widening Participation Officers represent students from widening access backgrounds at the University. This group includes student carers; care-experienced or estranged students; mature students; and students from low-income backgrounds. The Widening Participation Officers are expected to liaise regularly with the VP Student Support on issues pertaining to their remit. They will work closely with the other Welfare & Equal Opportunities officers, particularly the Age Equality Officer.


SRC Committees and Working Groups

The SRC may establish sub committees or working parties to consider certain areas of its work and sometimes consider policy motions. College Convenors may participate in the work of such committees and groups (and can suggest the establishment of new groups or committees).


University Committees

Council votes in autumn to elect members to sit on a variety of University committees, including Library Committee, Museums and Galleries Committee, Senate, Senate Disciplinary and Student Support Development Committee. Please contact the PA to the Permanent Secretary for a full list of committees.