Our society is a student initiative supporting the work of UNICEF UK at the University of Glasgow.

Here on Campus, we campaign to raise awareness for the rights and well-being of children. We also organise fundraising activities to support both emergency aid and long-term development projects aimed to help vulnerable children in need. Some of our events throughout the year include concerts, bake sales, picnics or movie screenings where we collect proceeds for charity. We always welcome new members willing to make a difference in children’s lives!



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at guunicef@gmail.com or contact us privately at:

Maia Piermattei - President: 2580560P@student.gla.ac.uk

Nabeeha Jamal - Secretary: 2685229J@student.gla.ac.uk



There are no events planned at the moment, check back soon.



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