We are Pause Gaming, Glasgow University’s foremost casual gaming society.

We are a fun and welcoming society which aims to offer people a place to meet and talk about video games but most of all form friendships. Our own experiences as committee members have shown that something like video games can be a great platform to build friendships that go deeper than just gaming buddies. We have weekly socials on our discord on wednesdays and every two weeks we have a WAN on our discord, these are both great opportunities to meet people who love video games as much as you do. Though our wednesday socials centred around video games our conversations usually drift far into general geekdom, music and pop culture with occasional drop off in epistemology, philosophy and politics. At our WANs we follow a casual schedule most of the time but when stuff starts to get late into the night conversations get weird and tangents long. WE STAN BOB ROSS


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