Glasgow University Bangladeshi Students' Society (GUBSS) is a non-profit, charitable, non-political, and voluntary society that aims to bring all the Bangladeshi students under one umbrella.


  • To establish long-term cooperation and nurture connections among the present students, alumni and the University of Glasgow affiliated personnel of Bangladeshi origin.
  • To promote the arts, culture, language, and heritage of Bangladesh amongst native and non-native students at the University of Glasgow through various events.
  • To be a communal platform for Bangladeshi students and Bangladeshi community in Glasgow and Scotland.
  • To represent the University of Glasgow in Bangladesh.
  • To collaborate with other societies and community organizations in various social and extra-curricular activities.


  • To provide a physical and virtual bridge between past, present and future students.
  • To advice and support new incoming Bangladeshi students.
  • To observe and reflect the National days of Bangladesh.
  • To celebrate the Bangladeshi Festivities, such as but not limited to Bengali New year, Eids, Christian New Year, and other major religious festivals.
  • To promote literature and culture by cultural evenings and nights.
  • To promote Community Bonding via sports and cultural events.
  • Any other activity that members deem appropriate to achieve the collective purposes and beneficial to the welfare of the students, alumni, and the Bangladeshi community.


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