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The Glasgow  Guardian is the country’s leading student newspaper. Breaking nationally covered stories and conducting controversial investigations has placed Guardian at the cutting edge of student media. With an estimated readership of over 15,000 students per issue they’re one of the most influential voices both on and off campus. The publication aims to provide an independent news and features service which reflects a long tradition of innovation and scepticism in a format that is original, distinctive and challenging. You can pick up Guardian for free in most University buildings or if you’re in student halls you can expect a copy delivered to your flat. If you want to reach a large audience, have your say and make a name for yourself then Guardian is the only way forward.

Success and Past Masters

Winner of a number of prizes in recent years, Guardian was nominated for four different categories at the 2007 Scottish Student Press Awards, hosted by The Herald. The newspaper has been a launch pad for many high profile media and political figures. Former editors include the late Donald Dewar; political broadcaster and former Editor of The Scotsman, Andrew Neil; author and winner of the Whitbread First Novel Award, William Boyd and Sir Neil MacCormick an international jurist and former MEP. Recent graduates include James Morgan, who is a reporter for The Herald; Ruaridh Arrow, a producer on Sky News; James Blake, a producer on Channel 4 news; Rachel Richardson, now working for the News of the World and Gary Anderson, who is a reporter on The Mirror.

Free Stuff

If the success and power doesn’t grab your attention then perhaps the press privileges will. How does the idea of never again paying to go to the cinema sound? Not having to buy CDs? Guest List passes to clubs? Going backstage with bands? All in a days blag for a Guardian journalist.

Become one of the team!

Guardian are always looking for new writers, designers and editors to join the team. Whether you want to seriously pursue a career in the field or just get your name in print, Guardian is how to do it. Go along to the weekly contributor meetings where editors commission new articles, discuss your ideas, give training and advice as well as distribute the free stuff. Afterwards you can go for a few drinks and chat to the section editors and staff writers. If you can’t make it get in touch by emailing the editors at editors@glasgowguardian.co.uk.

You can register and apply on our volunteering database or email SRC Volunteering at volunteering@src.gla.ac.uk, should you want to get involved.

You can pick up your own copy of Guardian from all over campus, including the GUU, QMU, Library and the SRC.


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The Glasgow Guardian
Freshers ‘abandoned’ as Glasgow University fails to house all new students

Fri 03 Sep 2021

illustration of a university halls room

First year students housed miles away in Paisley with others facing "homelessness"

The Glasgow Guardian
Go home: Students ousted after international accommodation guarantee breaks down

Mon 11 Oct 2021

illustration of an international student

Students have had to return home, being told to defer or continue their studies online, after the University failed to house incoming international students.

The Glasgow Guardian
‘Murano 12’ threatened with eviction and £1,200 fine after suffering trauma from external parties

Mon 01 Mar 2021

murano street student village

The University accused of focusing more on payment for damages than student welfare.

The Glasgow Guardian
Accommodation from hell: Bridle Works students given “construction site” for home

Sat 09 Oct 2021

unfinished bathroom

The Glasgow Guardian speaks to the students housed at Novel Student's "unfinished" flats.