Artificial Intelligence Society in University of Glasgow is a fantastic community which explores diverse smart advanced technologies of world, especially in connecting different industries.

If you like advanced technology,

If you like sharing black or cool technology,

If you like knowing artificial intelligence technology,

Please don’t hesitate to join in us!

Everyone, who is from diversity of majors, might discover special and useful aspects which could support their career development with AI application on related business or research tasks in the future. This is to empower us being a world changer in novel era due to revolutionary characteristic of artificial intelligence technology.


Glasgow University Artificial Intelligence Society (GUAI) will depend on each member, who is interested in utilizing AI technology, to create an open communication platform which would produce unique ideas through brainstorming approaches from theory to practice. GUAI would be an international society which will adopt various points of view from any member who comes from different countries in the University of Glasgow.


Mission of GUAI is to become a well-known society on artificial intelligence realm in all universities of United Kingdom, even in the Europe. GUAI will organize a number of events including seminar, salon, brainstorming workshop, forum, trip of world-class universities, visiting famous AI corporations, establishing network of career and donation or charity activities. Membership shall be open to any person who wishes to further the interests of the society. Please contact us at artificial.intelligence@src.gla.ac.uk 


[ 2022 GUAI Events ] 

Time: 2pm-3pm, Thursday 20 Jan 2022

Venue: Main Building, Gilbert Scott Conference Suite 251

Theme: AI & Smart Drone Application

Content: UAV application, Latest Tech, Designing ideal drone.

Ticket: Free

Book: https://glasgowunisrc.native.fm/event/ai-smart-drones/69704


Time: 2pm-3pm, Monday 24 Jan 2022

New Venue: Boyd Orr Building, 411 Tutorial

(Original Venue: Gilbert Scott Conference Suite 251)

Theme: Exploring VR World Workshop

Content: Experiencing VR headset & VR would end mobile era.

Ticket: Free

Book: https://glasgowunisrc.native.fm/event/exploring-vr-world-workshop/69855


Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm, Friday 25 Feb 2022

Venue: John McIntyre Building, Williams Room(Level 2)

Theme: Exploring Space World Workshop

Content: Experiencing VR headset & Designing Space Probe.

Ticket: Free

Book: (Please see event link below)

Email: artificial.intelligence@src.gla.ac.uk


Time: 2:15pm-3:30pm, Wednesday 30 March 2022

Venue: John McIntyre Building, Williams Room(Level 2)

Theme: Navigating AI Robots Workshop


2:15pm  Sharing theme on AI Robots

2:35pm  Sharing latest AI trends

2:45pm  Creative Workshop

3:15pm  Experiencing VR headset

3:30pm  In Summary

In the meantime, hot issues of AI, which encompass AI company development, smart wearable device, green AI notion, Meta computing power, virtual human, and AI tendency, would be displayed with participants at GUAI March Activity. 

Ticket: Free

Book: https://glasgowunisrc.native.fm

Email: artificial.intelligence@src.gla.ac.uk



There are no events planned at the moment, check back soon.



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Artificial Intelligence Society (GUAI)
Launching novel AI salon about Virtual Human issue

Thu 20 Jan 2022

Philip Wang

Artificial Intelligence Society (GUAI)
Launching January Event on AI&Virtual Human (VH)

Thu 20 Jan 2022

Philip Wang, Founder of GUAI

Artificial Intelligence Society (GUAI)
GUAI Exploring VR World Workshop

Sun 06 Feb 2022