University of Glasgow's Criminal Law Society! We organise insightful academic events and fun socials.

The Glasgow University Criminal Law Society is a collective of students from various academic backgrounds who share a common interest in criminal law. Throughout the academic year we host both academic and social events to strike the key balance between raising awareness of issues within the field and socialising with other students who share a common interest.

Our society provides ample opportunities to network with prominent figures in the legal profession. For example, this year we successfully hosted an interactive panel event featuring members of the Faculty of Advocates at the top of their field. In addition to this we also like to take a break from academics and host a thrilling murder mystery evening each year alongside pub crawls and quizzes. We like to have fun!

In summary, the Glasgow University Criminal Law Society will provide you with the duality of vital awareness of the criminal law sector and the opportunity to form friendships with like minded individuals.

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