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The society will function to educate the membership on the skills and techniques used in both film and digital photography...

The society will function to educate the membership on the skills and techniques used in both film and digital photography. It will encourage the membership to work together and to learn from each other, new members and old members, experienced and novice photographers alike. Photography is both an expensive and difficult hobby to pursue but it is made considerably easier with the help of peers who share an interest in the art. The society will also promote new frienships to develop amongst the membership through the workshops and social events running through the academic year. The events through the year may then help to build the portfolio of the members who wish make a career out of photography.



Typical events for the Society include workshops and so-called “photo-hunts” and “photo-walks”. During workshops, an experienced member of the society may conduct a session in which he/she teaches the other members about a particular technique or style of photography favoured by them. “Photo-hunts” and “photo- walks” the membership will explore a part of the city and take photos of whatever interests them to push themselves and grow as photographers. Guest speakers will be invited to give a presentation on their work or interests in photography to the membership with the hope of shedding light on an unknown aspect of photography and inspiring an enthusiasm for it. If other societies of the University of Glasgow seek the services of the membership to provide media coverage of social and sports events, it shall be provided where it is both practically possible and members are willing to devote their time and energy. These events can be massively helpful to novice members wanting to improve their skills in a real environment where they are no longer in an ideal situation simulated at Society scheduled events.




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