The University of Glasgow Taylor Swift Society is an exciting new society made by and for those who like TS’s music, everything from the newer indie albums to her pop idol era to old school country.

Founded in October 2021, we quickly became one of the biggest societies on campus selling out all our events which ranged from TS Karaoke to a TS Pub Quiz and Subcrawl attended by over 100 students. The highlight of our first year as a society was winning the 2022 Society of the Year award. Our club allows students to make new friends through shared enjoyment of music and also get to relive all of her eras with us as her re-records get released. We plan to host a range of activities this year from TS themed club nights to wholesome book clubs, group study/chill acoustic sessions, karaoke night, and movie screenings. Although first and foremost a social club, we also aim to develop our members' understanding of the songs she has published and the impact she has had within the music industry and pop-culture within our society (through sober and drunk TS talks). Follow us on social media to stay notified on all the fun stuff we have planned this year! You don’t need to be a die-hard swiftie to join, we’d be enchanted to meet absolutely anyone who’d like to come along xx



Taylor Swift HIVE Pres
20th October 7:30pm - 10pm
GUU Base Bar
We couldn't think of a more fitting way to enter midnights era than with Taylor Swift HIVE!!
Clubs & Socs Events
Midnights Listening Party
21st October 5pm - 8pm
GUU (Room TBC)
We are delighted to be taking this society back to where it all began a year ago with another listening party - this time for MIDNIGHTS ????
Clubs & Socs Events
Swiftogeddon Pres
22nd October 8pm - 11pm
The Record Factory
Clubs & Socs Events



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