While our society has a clear emphasis on the financial services industry we would like to highlight that we’re open to everyone from all disciplines and backgrounds.

Founded in 2009, GUTIC is one of the leading finance societies in Scotland. The society has developed considerably over the past couple of years. We have evolved from a simple trading club to an expansive society, broadening our vision to incorporate the financial services industry as a whole. Our highlights of the year include:

– London Banking Tour 

– Stock pitching event

– Multitude of networking opportunities with industry leaders

– Investment workshops

– Marketwatch Competition


There are no events planned at the moment, check back soon.





Trading and Investment Club (GUTIC)
How to Raise Finance for Your Business

Fri 03 Mar 2023

Trading and Investment Club (GUTIC)
How Venture Capital has Changed in the Last 10 Years

Wed 01 Feb 2023




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